Wholesale Natural Grass Fed Beef


Wholesale Natural Grass Fed Beef

If you are a chef, a restaurant owner or operate a retail store and would be interested in carrying Rain Crow Ranch grass fed beef, pasture raised heritage pork or pasture raised poultry we are just a phone call away.

While Rain Crow Ranch has large scale distribution in the American grass fed/ pasture world, we specialize in dealing directly with our wholesale customers.

You won’t talk to a salesman who has learned a script about grass fed beef. Instead you will talk directly with one of our family ranchers, Peter Whisnant.

Peter grew up on Rain Crow. He has a first-hand intimate knowledge of production and operates out of our family owned processing facility. Peter is hands-on experience overseeing our cattle from birth to harvest.

He views all the cattle on the hoof and inspects each carcass for quality. So rather than dealing with a lengthy wholesale distribution chain you will deal directly with our farm.

We will explore with you all the benefits and relationships of putting Rain Crow Ranch proteins on your menu or shelves. Our goal is the do all within our power to make our products a winning choice for your business.

Call Peter at the plant 573-243-3107, or email him by email clicking here.

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