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Heritage Pork Boston Butt – 8 to 9 lbs
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  • Heritage Pork Boston Butt

Heritage Pork Boston Butt – 8 to 9 lbs

Our pasture raised Boston butt comes from the upper part of the shoulder and is often used to make traditional pulled pork.

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Our pasture raised Boston butt comes from the upper part of the shoulder and is often used to make traditional pulled pork.

You just got to try the best tasting pork on the planet. Starting with the best ingredients you can expect to enjoy the most wonderful, savory results.  Develope your reputation as an expert grill master.

Rain Crow Ranch American Pasture Pork:

  • Heritage breeds (Berkshire/ Red Wattle/ Duroc)
  • NO antibiotics ever
  • Vegetarian fed
  • Raised on pasture and never confined
  • Animal Welfare Approved

Why call it a Boston Butt?  The name comes from when meat was shipped back in the days of wooden ships, the meat was salted and packed into large barrels, known as butts.  Boston was the port of call.  So, the container name as well as the destination city were adopted for the name of that cut of meat.

**Note: Individual whole loins will vary in size due to varying size of the pig.  Unlike commercial pork it is not cookie-cutter production.


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Recipes / Tips

Pulled pork is a tradition with Rain Crow Ranch and our southern roots.

To prepares boston butt, our family seasons the pork butt with a rub adding various amounts of spice and secret ingredients (every pit master boasts his to be the best).

It is then smoked slowly over fire (or can be slow cooked in the oven).

When the pork is pull-apart tender the meat is pulled from the bone, mixed with a favorite spicy sauce to make barbeque pork.

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