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American Grass Fed Beef in Doniphan, Mo. . . . . “Unlike most commercial beef, grass-fed beef also comes from cows that aren’t treated with drugs like growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.” Wall Street Journal


“Gourmet Natural Beef Jerky (available at It has no preservatives and is made from lean, grass-fed beef. Research shows that, unlike grain-fed products, grass-fed beef contains the same healthy omega-3 fats found in fish.” April, 2006 – Men’s Health Magazine – “Genius Junk Food – 6 formerly forbidden snacks that are actually good for you”


“Stock the freezer with stew fixings for those cozy Sunday Afternoons . . . visit to order grass-fed beef, which contains a healthier balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef.” Real Simple


Chef Bill Telepan compared American Grass Fed Beef to conventional grain fed beef. He pronounced Dr. Whisnant’s American Grass Fed Beef the clear winner of his taste test. Click here to read about the grass fed beef taste test

Whisnant’s dry-aged beef tenderloin won over Homestead, Florida, resident Charles Turner after he discovered Whisnant’s web page. “I got to learn more about how she practices her business and how she raises her beef, and I thought, ‘I’ve got to give her a try,’” Turner recalls.

He and his wife have been ordering tenderloins from Whisnant for about two years and have pretty much given up on any other kind of beef.

And while grass-fed beef can sometimes be less tender because of its low fat content, that hasn’t been a problem for Turner. “The real way you win somebody over is to let them taste it,” Turner says. “You take a fork to it; you don’t even need a knife. It’s always consistent.” Ozarks Magazine

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Those health benefits are apparently a key selling point for folks who buy grass-fed beef. Whisnant says her customers are usually very health-conscious and many have health problems such as allergies, heart disease or cancer. Some are even former vegetarians.

“They are people who come for a specific, healthier product,” she says. Beef Magazine


“Meat eaters can get healthier fats by buying from producers that allow ‘ their animals to pasture feed. These meats are nearly as low in total and saturated fat as skinless chicken breast, and they’re high in omega-3s and vitamin E. Sources include American Grass Fed Beef (” Natural Health, Oct. 2003, by Daryn Eller


“The American Grass Fed Beef filet had very little marbling, instead appearing like a brilliant maroon piece of sashimi-grade tuna.” St. Louis Dispatch



Dr. Whisnant was interviewed about the benefits of grass fed beef on the Nan and Doug morning show on KMOX in St. Louis.


“Now, you salsa purists may want to avert your eyes, but my chosen venue for the test was to spoon the mild salsa over the top of a meat loaf made with two pounds of American Grass-Fed Beef’s ground beef and one pound of country pork sausage.

The aroma while the meat loaf was cooking was incredible. I could smell all the herbs in the salsa, the onions, the tomatoes … it was all I could do to keep from dragging it out of the oven half-cooked and diving in face-first. It was worth the wait, however. I’ve not had a finer meat loaf. Ever. It didn’t need any gravy, any ketchup or any steak sauce. It was perfect.” KTVU Food and Recipes Section


“In all, the quality of the grass-fed steaks, specifically the ones not treated with the Jaccard tenderizer, were equivalent to the highest-grade beef any of the tasters had consumed in steakhouses in terms of flavor and tenderness. The untreated New York strip steak, which came off the grill medium-well rather than medium-rare, was not tough at all, despite the warnings I’d been given about not overcooking.” J. Scott Wilson – Food Editor


“I ordered beef from a few different places and found one that was hugely better than the others. The jerky, for instance, was incredible… tasted like my dad’s homemade recipe from my childhood, and you know how hard it is to match a childhood memory! Nitrate free, hormone free, antibiotic free, steroid free —can’t beat it. The price on the jerky is pretty average for handmade jerky, $28/pound, which is what we were paying that other guy who stopped making it, only this stuff is grass fed, nitrate free and tastes better.

The company that came out on top is American Grass-Fed Beef. They have quite a bit of information on why grass-fed beef is better than normal beef; scroll down to “Articles” and click on “Learn about Grass-Fed Beef.” Dave Draper – Former Mr. America and Mr. Universe – Iron Online


“I stopped eating beef back in 1993 during the beginning of my vegan years. Unfortunately, I didn’t thrive as a 100% vegan, and in 1999 I resumed eating foods from the animal kingdom, though I continued to avoid beef for the reasons you’ll read in the article below. In the summer of 2002, however, I finally found a source for grass fed beef that was grown and processed on a family farm by people I could trust, so I resumed eating some beef.” Chet Day – Internet Health Writer –

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