Our Family Farm Grass Fed Standards

Our cattle are born, raised and finished on open grass pastures in the rolling hills of southern Missouri. We practice a holistic approach to farm management which sustains and nourishes the environment through restoration and soil improvement techniques.

Our cattle are bred for the quality of their beef and receive a forage diet free of herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilizers as they are continually rotated to fresh new pastures. Our animals are never held in confinement, are never fed antibiotics and never receive synthetic growth hormones.

Our cattle are finished on the highest quality forage available that is in a green growing state. This practice insures the best quality beef possible that is consistent in its clean beef flavor and tenderness.

Our cattle are harvested in our own processing facility under our direct supervision. This assures that each individual animal is treated humanely and without stress. Our beef is dry aged for 14 days to concentrate the beefy flavor and tenderize the beef. It is then broken down by skilled butchers who take pride in their art of cutting beef.

When AGA first began its certification program in spring of 2009 we were one of the first farms audited and certified. We are very proud of the mark on our products. Unlike many farms that claim to be grassfed, we undergo yearly audits for verification. The USDA claim addressed feeding practices alone. This means you can have an animal raised in a feedlot, with antibiotics and hormones, and bear the grassfed label.

The AGA mark tells consumers it’s the real deal. Raised on open pasture and never in confinement, raised without the use of antibiotics, raised without the use of synthetic hormones, raised entirely on a forage diet and raised using humaine animal care.

Some grassfed companies audit themselves or the farms that sell to them, some use grassfed by an affidavit. Companies have asked, “How do I know they claim is real?” I answer, ” Look for 3rd party certification.”

Our family is passionate about providing our customers with the healthiest, safest and highest quality beef on earth.


Patricia Whisnant, DVM
Grass Farmer and Veterinarian

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