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Raw Dog Food - Grass Fed Beef

USDA 100% Grass Fed Beef for Dogs & Humans

Serve your dog our USDA 100% grass fed beef . . . exactly the same beef you feed your human family. No by-products or mystery meat. We never give our cattle antibiotics or hormones. Our cattle are grazed on pesticide and herbicide free pastures.

Why choose a raw diet for your canine friend? Because a raw diet has many benefits, including improved digestion, better weight management, reduced allergy symptoms, higher energy levels, smaller stools, shinier coats, healthier skin, and teeth. Along with its many benefits, a raw diet is what canines ate before they became domesticated, so it’s biologically appropriate.

Commercial dog food, on the other hand, contains grains or cereals, which a dog’s digestive system is not equipped to digest.

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