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2 Grass Fed New York Strip Steaks – (10 oz each)
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  • Grass Fed New York Strip Steak Recipe

2 Grass Fed New York Strip Steaks – (10 oz each)

Rain Crow Ranch New York Strip Steaks are the best family farm grass fed strip steaks available anywhere.

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Rain Crow Ranch New York Strip Steaks are the best family farm grass fed strip steaks available anywhere.

If you’re craving intense beef flavor, look no further than our New York Strip Steaks. Their succulent flavor and tenderness make them crowd-pleasing grill favorites. Our New York Strip Steaks are cut  thick in a manner making them ideal for grilling.

Remember, grass fed beef requires 30% less cooking time, so be cautious when cooking. We recommend an internal temperature of no more than 130°.

When you want the fork-tenderness of tenderloin, but want intense, beefy flavor, we highly recommend using a Jaccard Meat Tenderizer. This tenderizer has won the prestigious Gold Medal presented by Chefs in America, and is the easiest way to produce a great steak with no marinade masking the clean flavor or your grass fed New York strip steaks.

See our recipes tab on this page for tips on cooking grass fed beef.


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Reviews / Testimonials

Chef Ivy Magruder of Vin De Set Restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri Reviews Rain Crow Ranch Grass Fed Steak

Recipes / Tips

Alton Brown’s Compound Butter Recipe Video for NY Strip Steak

Always have some compound butter in the freezer to top your NY Strip Steaks. Nothing can be easier to add gourmet flavor without overpowering your grass fed steak flavor.

Recipe Ingredients

1 lb butter
3 to 4 T extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp chopped fresh chives
1 T chopped thyme
1 T chopped sage
1 T chopped rosemary

Recipe Directions

Chop the butter into uniform chunks set aside to soften.

Place the oil into a food processor, add the chives and process until the chives are finely chopped.

Add the remaining herbs and blend until the herbs have colored the oil.  Using the whisk attachment on your mixer, whip the butter for approx. 5 to 7 minutes.

Take the basic recipe shown in Alton Brown’s Food Network video and be creative with your own favorite herbs and spices.

How to Use Compound Butter with Grass Fed NY Strip Steak

Sear your Grass Fed NY Strip Steak and cook on a grill, add garlic compound butter in the last minute of cooking.

Be creative with this recipe.  One of our favorite compound butters is a mixture of grass fed butter, garlic and chives.  Add parmesan cheese to your mix,  put the butter mixture on Italian bread and throw in the oven for a few minutes for garlic bread.
Shallot and chive compound butter on NY Strip steaks is also a winner.

Grass Fed NY Strip Steak Cooking Tips

  • Bring your NY Strip steak to room temperature before cooking
  • Pat dry so your steak will sear
  • Do NOT over cook. Medium rare is recommended.
  • Let your NY Strip Steak rest for at least 5 minutes before serving.

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