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Grass Fed Kettle Beef – 3 LB (2-1.5 packages)
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  • Grass Fed Kettle Beef

Grass Fed Kettle Beef – 3 LB (2-1.5 packages)

At Rain Crow we think of Kettle beef as the king of comfort food.

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At Rain Crow we think of Kettle beef as the king of comfort food.

Rain Crow Ranch American Grassfed Kettle beef comes from our 100% grassfed beef, raised on open pasture for their entire lives, never confined. Fed a biologically appropriate diet (forage) they are never finished on corn, never given antibiotics or hormones. Better for the animal, better for the land and better for you!

At Rain Crow Ranch we think of Kettle beef as the king of comfort food. These bit size cubes of beef are cut from the chuck (the shoulder region) but may include other cuts normally used to make a roast. We cut into 1-1 ½ inch cubes and they can be used for any type of soup or stew. The Rain Crow favorite is our local tradition called kettle beef. Cooked in its own savory broth and served over mashed potatoes, rice or noodles.

For years I have used kettle beef as my “tour” food. If visiting the ranch we generally take folks around to show the cattle and pastures but we always end up back at the headquarters to eat.

Kettle beef is my “go to” meal when I am not going to be around to cook. Go to the recipe tab on this page to see my favorite way to cook Kettle Beef.


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Recipes / Tips

Grass Fed Kettle Beef Recipe

3 lb. Grass Fed Kettle Beef or roast cut into chunks
1 finely chopped onion
1 small finely chopped pepper (green or red)
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 T Corn starch or flour
1 c yellow whole grain grits (NOT quick grits)
3 c chicken broth
½ c heavy cream
½ stick butter

Place raw kettle beef in a preheated Dutch oven to sear.  Season with salt and pepper.

Once the kettle beef is browned remove from the pot.  Toss in the onion, pepper, garlic and cook a few minutes until translucent.

Add the beef back to the pot, cover and place in oven to slow cook for several hours on 275.  Peek occasionally and make sure the beef is not getting dry.

If it is . . . add a bit of packaged or homemade chicken broth.  When the kettle beef is tender remove from the oven.

Mix ½ cup of cold water with the flour and stir till no lumps.  Add to the beef and broth, stirring only gently.  Place back in oven to keep warm and let the gravy thicken.

One hour prior to the beef being done make your grits.  Mix grits with the chicken stock and stir on low temperature till it begins to thicken.

Add the heavy cream and continue to stir.  Once thickened and done (after about 30-45 min) cut up butter and stir into the grits.

Place a portion of grits on the plate making a well in the center.  Add the cooked kettle beef on top.

Kettle Beef Recipe by Dr. Patricia Whisnant

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