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A mother and grandmother  of a large family writes:

We got a little over 300 lb of grass fed ground beef and roasts for our large family. It has spoiled us and we have not been able to find any beef even close to the quality and taste. When I have tried to go back to grocery store beef, my family would not eat it very well.

I make grass fed ground beef recipes like: tacos, spaghetti, meat loaf, chili, goulash, ground beef w/cream of mushroom soup, ground beef w/dry onion soup (either of these two over rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes), and sloppy Joe’s, etc.

The other night I made kabobs with the sirloin, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and whole mushrooms. I marinated the sirloin in a little virgin olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper for 30 minutes. Then I put the filled skewers in the rotisserie for 15 minutes. They were delicious.

The roasts are wonderful. I brown them and add dry onion soup and low fat (98% fat free) cream of mushroom soup. I cook them in a slow cooker for a few hours and add veggies.

The flavor of grass fed beef is so good it is indescribable . . . especially when compared to store bought meat. Plus I no longer worry about eating red meat.

Also, grass fed beef is so filling you don’t have to cook as much per person. A little goes a long way.


Louise Stone

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

If you have families or groups of friends who want to go together on volume purchases of grass fed beef, you can purchase at substantial discounts. Seems we are contributing to freezer sales, since some customers have even bought freezers to save on their beef.

We have been surprised how many small families and individuals expressed their desire to purchase whole, sides and quarters via our online shopping cart. We have spent many hours trying to find a way to conveniently offer this option via our web site.

Here was our problem . . . each cow is different as far as weight and various beef cuts that are available. Also, with quarters there is the front quarter which has different beef cuts than the hind quarter. Plus the hind quarter is more pricey because it contains most of the steak cuts.

After much thought, we have decided to come up with a “generic” quarter containing 100 lbs of beef in the variety of cuts you would find in a side of beef taken from the front and hind quarters. Here is what you will receive in our generic quarter:

2 Tenderloin filet (8oz.)6 Ribeye steaks (8 oz.)6 NY strip steaks (8 oz.)6 Sirloin steaks (8 oz.)3 Round Steaks (2#)1 Rump roast (3#)1 Arm roast (3#)1 Chuck roast (3#)1 Sirloin tip roast (3#)1 Skirt Steak (1#)1Flank Steak (1#)70 # Ground Beef (2# tubes)1 Beef Bratwurst (1#)

We strived to have our customers experience the full spectrum of cuts in our generic quarter usually available only if you ordered a whole side which includes front and hind quarter beef cuts.

Some families will want to buy our grass fed ground beef in even larger quantities than one quarter for the ultimate savings. We have, also, provided quantity discounts on large orders of ground beef which always is a family favorite.

We realize that some of you will want to come to our grass farm for such a large amount of beef to save shipping expenses. Just call us in advance so we will have your order ready for you.

We have, also, provided a shipped price for those who aren’t convenient to our grass farm in Missouri.

We have included a beef chart

which will show you the beef cuts available. It is, also, color coded for the recommended cooking method for each beef cut.

If you wish to place a special order, please contact us so we can accommodate your request.

Our generic quarter should fit easily into the top of the average size refrigerator freezer. Approx. 5-6 cubic feet of freezer space is needed. By multiplying the number of quarters you are ordering . . . you will know in advance the freezer capacity required.

We will attempt to fill your order immediately from our inventory. However, during peak periods your order will take up to 21 days to process. We will notify you immediately if your order will be delayed.

When ordering quantities of beef, you will receive our dry aged grass fed beef which is vacuum packaged for your convenience. Our beef is raised using natural farming methods and contains NO pesticides, NO antibiotics, NO hormones and NO steroids.


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