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2 Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Steaks (8 oz. each)
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  • Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Steaks

2 Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Steaks (8 oz. each)

Rain Crow Ranch Grass fed Tenderloin Filet is considered by many to be the finest cut of beef you can buy.

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Rain Crow Ranch Grass fed Tenderloin Filet is considered by many to be the finest cut of beef you can buy.

The tenderness and flavor of this steak makes it perfect for a truly special dining experience.  It will delight your palate and prove worthy of your gourmet foddie friends.

At Rain Crow Ranch American Grassfed Beef we have spent decades working on the factors that go into the quality of beef produced. Our genetics have been perfected because in our own processing facility we see and cut every carcass produced.

This has allowed us to get rid of the inferior genetics perfecting what is really excellent. We provide a quality chain of forages, keeping the cattle on a high plane of nutrition with consistent gains.

We finish them on the finest forage available at the time; never confining to a feedlot to finish with grain which spoils the nutrient profile of grassfed beef.

Rain Crow Ranch cattle are grassfed raised and finished. The low stress, pastoral environment with NO antibiotics, NO hormones and No animal by-products contribute to the richness and delicate flavor of this fine cut of beef.

If you need any assistance with your order, we are here to help you.  Want to order special grass fed beef butcher cuts or purchase quantity discounts?  Call us at 866-255-5002.



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