Grass Fed Beef Processing

American Grass Fed Beef processes all its animals at Fruitland American Meat located in Jackson, Missouri. This small processing plant is owned by Mark and Dr. Patricia Whisnant and is operated by our son, Pete Whisnant. Family ownership and daily operation of our own processing plant provides the opportunity to have complete control of the entire process from farm to table, birth to harvest. Our mission is to do everything possible to supply the best quality, healthiest and safest beef possible

Fruitland American Meat is a relatively small processing plant that harvests approximately 200 head per week. The small number of animals harvested daily represents a very different model from the factory assembly line processing plants of industrial agriculture. Each individual animal is given attention that would not be possible with a line running at speeds to accommodate up to 400 per hour.

Fruitland American Meat has several distinct advantages as well as its small size.


Certified for high animal welfare is an important attribute to us as it is to many of our customers. We view the compassionate treatment of farm animals as one of our core values and part of our standards. American Grass Fed Beef is proud to be Animal Welfare Approved.. Only family farms who raise their animals with a pasture-based management system can earn their seal.

USDA inspection is not a unique attribute but one that assures that the food safety and quality regulations are in full compliance. We have three inspectors who are with our processing full time and present at all times during operation of any part of the plant.


Our skilled staff of butchers is what sets Fruitland American Meat apart from other similar processing. Showing a cumulative experience of 120+ years they have experience and a great deal of pride in what they do.

Food Safety- We participate in a GMP/ food safety annual audit by Steritech, athird party auditor. Steritech audites annualy, the last two years we have received excellent status in the scoring of the audit.

Many of these butchers learned the art and trade from their fathers and grandfathers and have immense knowledge, skill and care about cutting meat.

Our butchers see to it that our meat case in the retail store contains the very finest beef available in the area. Consumers who determine to make the trip from Cape or St. Louis find it well worth the effort. At the same time, these butchers strive to put care into the handling of each individual cut of beef we package.


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