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Family Grassfed Ranch Pack
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  • Family Grassfed Beef Ranch Pack

Family Grassfed Ranch Pack

When you want the convenience of grassfed beef patties and hot dogs ready for the grill combined with grass fed beef for comfort meals, this package is designed for you.

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RCR Family Grassfed Ranch Pack Includes:

6 Pkgs – Grassfed Ground Beef Patties (5 oz Patties @ 3 Patties per pkg)
1 Grassfed Roast (Approx 3 lbs)
2 Pkgs – Grassfed Kettle Beef (1.5 lbs each)
4 Pkgs – Grassfed Beef Hot Dogs (12 oz per pkg)

If you struggle to make perfect grassfed ground beef patties, we have done all the work for you in this pack.  Your hamburgers will cook evenly for a perfect healthy protein meal.

Our grassfed roast is great in beef roast . . . there is a delicious recipe on the red RECIPES/TIPS tab on our beef roast page.  You can also use our Kettle beef in roast recipes that use chuck roast cubes.  Plus our uncured grassfed beef hot dogs are great for the grill.

You can be proud to serve our grassfed beef. Rain Crow Ranch cattle are raised with pride on an American family farm. We never use antibiotics. Our cattle are never exposed to added growth hormones. Our beef is certified for high animal welfare and never confined to a feedlot, giving our customers the healthiest beef on the planet.


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