Small Missouri Farm Makes World Wide Splash


CONTACT: Dr. Patricia Whisnant
Veterinarian and Grass Fed Beef Rancher

Small Missouri Farm Makes World Wide Splash

“We know many ranchers who privately serve their families grass fed beef
and won’t touch supermarket feedlot beef
pumped with growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics.”
Patricia Whisnant, DVM

Family farm provides safe and healthy beef

In rural Missouri, Mark and Dr. Patricia Whisnant raise grass fed beef along with their six children. It could be 1903 instead of 2003, except for one fact: the beef from this farm is in demand around the world. Dr. Whisnant explains, “From our rural grass farm we have connected with folks in far off places like Australia, Japan, Hawaii and Alaska.”

Their farm has been visited by celebrities, outdoor writers and wildlife photographers. People are attracted to the beauty and timelessness of the place. Through, the beef raised on the land, by this family, is available world-wide.

Grass fed beef is becoming widely popular because it is a healthy alternative to mass-produced, fatty beef. Grass fed beef naturally has a lower fat content, and more “good” fats than mass produced beef.

Thanks to the popularity of low-carbohydrate diets, Americans are eating more and more protein, but many people are also looking for a healthy way to eat high protein. Grass fed beef is not only lower in fat than store bought beef, it is safer.

Five big corporations produce most of the beef you buy in the grocery store. These cattle are fed grass until the last few months of their life. That is when the cattle are pumped full of growth hormones, antibiotics, and inorganic feed. From concerns that this beef decreases the effectiveness of antibiotics to the connection between growth hormones and cancer, the health implications of these processes are wide-reaching.

In the case of grass fed beef from the Whisnant ranch, customers can order exactly what they want. From burger patties to individual steaks, customers can make their selection, then place the order online. The family also depends on feedback from customers in order to improve the product and delivery.

When was the last time you knew the people who grew the food you ate, let alone had a hand in the process? The Whisnant family wants its customers to get to know them. The website provides personal stories about the family and teaches about the benefits of grass fed beef. By learning about the people who produce the beef, customers make a new, “grass-roots” connection to the food that sustains them.

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