Mad Cow Disease

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Veterinarian and Grass Fed Beef Rancher

Grass Fed Beef Sales Soar At Trusted
Family Farm As a Result of the Mad Cow Scare

“A single cow has focused our attention on the beef industry and yet all beef is not created equal and should not be thought of as unsafe.” according to Dr. Patricia Whisnant large animal veterinarian and owner of “This case of Mad Cow in the United States should serve as a red flag for consumers to pay more attention to how American cattle are fed and processed.”

Dr. Whisnant says, “Since the December 23rd announcement of mad cow in the United States, our sales have tripled in comparison to the same period last year. Yesterday UPS had to call a special large shuttle truck to pick up our orders because we exceeded the capacity of our regular truck. Our little family farm is swamped with orders.”

”We have been deluged with questions about how our cattle are raised and how our beef is processed. These are questions every American should have been asking restaurants and grocery stores for years. We welcome these inquiries because there is a night and day difference between our grass fed beef and typical grocery store feedlot beef.”

According to Dr. Whisnant, the prions that are thought to be responsible for causing mad cow disease are neither viruses nor bacteria. They are aberrant protein molecules. These prions survive heating and digestion. They find their way to the brain tissue where they affect other protein molecules and cause the formation of holes in the tissue similar to a sponge. Hence, the name of the disease is bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). The common name mad cow refers to the neurological symptoms the animal exhibits. The prions are not spread by animal-to-animal contact, but rather by feeding infected animal protein.

”True grass fed cattle raised entirely on natural grass farms eating their God designed natural diet is never fed grain or unnatural animal protein. Since experts consider animal protein fed to cattle is the cause of mad cow, this is not a factor with grass fed beef,” says Dr. Whisnant.

Another important factor for consumers to be aware of is that prions associated with BSE are found in the brain and spinal tissue, not the muscle tissue. The processing of beef is just as important as the feeding of the cattle to minimize the risks of mad cow.

”We have always used skilled butcher labor for processing our grass fed beef. Each cow is processed individually and the area is sterilized before the next cow is processed. This is in stark contrast to industrial supermarket beef, which utilizes fast speed, an assembly line processing at the rate of 400 cows per hour with unskilled labor. With industrial beef, there is a risk of brain and spinal tissue contaminating the beef. With skilled labor understanding the risks and processing a grass fed cow at a controllable rate individually, you have the safest beef in America,” says Dr. Whisnant.

”It is sad that it has taken a major scare of mad cow infection for Americans to return to family run farms. Corporate farming may have increased the amount of food produced per acre of land, but the question is whether we have realized an improvement in our health and environment at the same time. Family farms, which produce food with a management protocol such that the same food is fit for their own table, pay attention to quality and health more than profit margin. If you can find these local or Internet sources then you can greatly increase the confidence in the safety of the food you put before your family.”

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Mad Cow Disease Causes Sales to Soar at Grass Farms