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With the recent mad cow outbreak in the United States, grass fed beef is a current hot topic in the news.  This area is provided for the convenience of the media to quickly research the advantages of grass fed beef. is a  family grass farm owned by Dr. Patricia Whisnant.  She is an expert on grass fed beef ranching, cattle veterinarian practices, organic methods of farming, environmental concerns, dry aging, feedlot conditions, mad cow disease, e coli, cattle dietary requirements, rotational grazing, free range beef, industrial beef practices, meat processing, beef irradiation and family farms.  

Dr. Whisnant's picturesque 4,000 acre ranch in the foothills of the Ozarks is often filmed by TV crews and professional wildlife photographers who travel hundreds of miles for beautiful photo opportunities.  Dr. Whisnant's favorite hobby is wildlife photography in her own backyard. 


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