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Secrets of 5 Star Restaurant Meat Tenderization

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In our search for natural meat tenderization methods, Mark and I met with a German butcher who shared his #1 secret for tenderization . . . a commercial Jaccard meat tenderizer.

This butcher took us to the back of his facility and proudly revealed his Jaccard. This commercial machine had 624 thin steel surgical blades which pierced the beef before the butcher prepared the individual cuts.

"Truthfully, we weren't overly impressed . . . how could this Jaccard meat tenderizer make a huge difference in the tenderness of our beef?" 

Our butcher explained that the patented Jaccard cuts the connective tissue which in turn tenderizes the steak.

Our German butcher sells to 5 star restaurants and charges 25 cents a pound extra for jaccarded meat. In their marketing, these restaurants will mention their prime cuts, the feeding of their cattle and the aging method but they never reveal their secret weapon . . . jaccarded beef.

Mark and I were still skeptical, but we decided to give his Jaccard the ultimate test. We didn't want to waste one of our premium grass fed cows offered on our website so we sent this butcher an older grass fed cow we would only use for our family's meals.

In the meat industry everyone knows that older cattle are used for hamburger but NOT for prime steak because the beef is extremely tough. The tenderloins are usually the only prime cuts you can save from older cattle.

We asked the butcher to dry age this older cow just like we would for our customer's beef and provide us with jaccarded steaks. We had very low expectations but we were willing to experiment with any natural solutions for tenderization.

Needless to say we were shocked when we prepared our first jaccarded steak on the grill. Our rib eye from our older grass fed cow was as tender and delicious as a rib eye from our young, prime grass fed cattle offered on our website.

"In fact, this jaccarded steak was probably slightly better and required zero marination for an excellent meal."  

Our family taste testers gave these steaks a huge thumbs up.

We immediately purchased a hand Jaccard to try on super lean cuts like grass fed NY Strip and sirloin steak. The results were amazing. We only marinate now when we want to add a special flavor to the steaks.

Preparation time has been reduced to a few seconds with the Jaccard. Our family has used the Jaccard every day since we got it.

We wanted to learn more about the Jaccard so we called Jaccard Corporation. Andre Jaccard, the inventor, is now 81 years old. He achieved master butcher status in Switzerland and was fascinated with perfecting a machine for meat tenderization.

He developed his patented design 40 years ago when beef was mostly grass fed and naturally lean. His first Jaccards were sold to commercial meat processing facilities but restaurants and home chefs demanded a smaller meat tenderizer. In 1976, he began producing his popular handheld Jaccard and this unique product has won the prestigious Chefs in America award 2 times.

"Jaccard told us that Good Housekeeping did a taste test of regularly prepared steaks vs. jaccarded steaks . . . jaccarded steaks were the unanimous favorite." 

The Jaccard meat tenderizer has appeared on many tv shows including Emeril. It is a favorite with many hunters on the Outdoor Channel. Magazines such as Southern Living describe the wonders of the Jaccard.

Jaccard named several internationally known 5 star restaurants plus a few major steak chains that use either his handheld Jaccard or their commercial machines. However, we were requested to keep these names to ourselves since the restaurants would not appreciate revealing their trade secrets.

We had never heard of Jaccard before our initial encounter with the knowledgeable German butcher. However, we have since learned that the term "Jaccard beef" is used in the meat industry to denote extremely tenderized beef to meat retailers and restaurant chefs.

We asked for Andre's tips for using his Jaccard for our customers:

Andres' Tips for Perfect Meat Tenderization

Pierce your raw meat gently and then press down . . . the spring like action of the Jaccard will do the work for you and your meat will not lose its shape. You don't need to pound your meat or use excessive force.

One pass of the Jaccard will tenderize chicken and 3 passes will tenderize even tough cuts like skirt steak or venison.

The Jaccard's patented design allows you to enjoy leaner cuts of meat and not sacrifice flavor, tenderness or the original shape of your meat . . . your family can eat healthier. 

Save $$$ by purchasing less expensive cuts . . . the Jaccard will turn inexpensive cuts into culinary delights.

The Jaccard penetrates 2 inches so you only need to Jaccard one side of a typical steak. Thick cuts like roasts will need to be jaccarded on both sides.

Use a wood or plastic cutting board to protect your blades . . . hard surfaces like Formica and meat bones will damage the blades. Many satisfied chefs have used their Jaccards for 20 years taking proper care of their tenderizer. 

Reducing cooking time helps meat retain its juices . . . the tiny channels the Jaccard opens up in your meat allows you to reduce your cooking time by up to 40% while increasing the juiciness of your meat.

Surprisingly the Jaccard tenderizes tough seafood like calamari, clams and shark. Other meats that are excellent jaccarded are steaks, pork, veal, venison, lamb, chicken and turkey.

Chicken cooks more evenly jaccarded . . . reducing your risk from uncooked harmful bacteria while enhancing the flavor.

The Jaccard is a "must" for venison since it will naturally tenderize this extremely lean meat.

If you prefer the flavor of a special marinade, your time for marinating will be reduced from 1 day to several hours using the Jaccard.

Young children often have a difficult time eating steaks since their teeth aren't as developed as adult teeth . . . children enjoy jaccarded steaks because they are easier to chew.

Wash your Jaccard by hand or in the dishwasher in the top rack for easy care. 

We are getting wonderful feedback about how this product has enhanced the taste of healthy lean meats.

We are offering two ways to save on Jaccards:

1.  Free shipping and a $5 discount when purchasing a Jaccard meat tenderizer with a $50 purchase of our grass fed beef.

2.   If you purchase one or more generic quarters of beef, the cost of your beef will be less per pound in quantity AND we will include a Jaccard meat tenderizer with your order for FREE. Many of our customers pool their grass fed beef orders with friends  for the savings on quarters. 

You can't go wrong with the Jaccard  . . . we even offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee !  Return the Jaccard meat tenderizer if you are our very first customer who can stand to give up the benefits of your Jaccard.

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Happy Holidays,

Patricia Whisnant, DVM
Grass Farmer and Veterinarian

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