2 – Pkgs Grass Fed Beef 80/20 Hamburger Patties (5 oz Patties @ 3 Patties per pkg)
  • Grass Fed Beef 80/20 Hamburger Patties

2 – Pkgs Grass Fed Beef 80/20 Hamburger Patties (5 oz Patties @ 3 Patties per pkg)

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Rain Crow Ranch American Grass Fed Beef Patties are our most convenient hamburgers.  The patties are ready to throw on the grill or pan fry.

These patties are 100% grassfed beef certified to be antibiotic and hormone free. They are simply grassfed beef with no fillers and ground from whole muscle meats.

They are certified by the American Grassfed Association to be 100% grassfed and raised with high animal welfare standards (certification by Animal Welfare Approved).

Feel good about eating these burgers that are raised here in America and not half way around the world. Rain Crow Ranch does not comingle its beef from any outside sources.

Our Whisnant family owned processing plant tests all ground beef over and beyond USDA requirements.  No beef leaves our facility without it being tested clean.

Food safety is primary in our mind.  If we would not put it on our family’s table we certainly would not allow it to be put on yours.

These are the easiest and quickest way to stack up a meal for kids and parents.Satisfy your fast burger cravings; just add a bun and they are ready to go.  Directly from our farm to your table . . .  this beef is raised with pride on an American family farm.

Did you know our vacuum sealed packaging has a long shelf life in the freezer? At least 12 months. So be prepared and always have them on hand for last minute meals.  They are great at big barbeques.

If you need any assistance with your order, we are here to help you.  Want to order special grass fed beef butcher cuts or purchase quantity discounts?  Call us at 866-255-5002.


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