American Grass Fed Beef vs Organic Beef

As you can see from the following chart . . . there is no comparison between our farm’s American grass fed beef vs standard grain fed organic beef. Our quality standards are higher, our beef is more nutritious and our dry aging process provides you with gourmet flavor . . . a winning combination for your family.

American Grass Fed BeefStandard Grain Fed Organic Bee
Pesticide free farming practices X X
Free of synthetic hormonesXX
Free of antibiotics in the feedXX
Free of steroidsXX
Free of preservatives and additivesXX
No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)XX
No irradiation X X
Raised by natural farming methods X X
No feeds containing animal by products thus no chance of BSE (Mad Cow Disease) X ?
Family and veterinarian owned farm overseen to highest standards X
Only natural grass and forage nutrition X
Consistent rotation of cattle to assure quality diet X
No grain fed feed lots . . . only natural species diet X
Low in fat . . . similar to fish and chicken X
High in Omega Fatty Acids X
High in cancer fighting Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA’s) X
High in Vitamin E X
High in Beta Carotene due to grass finishing X
Low risk of E Coli since each animal is processed individually X
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