2 – Pkgs Grass Fed Ground Beef 90/10 (1 lb Packages)
  • Grass Fed Ground Beef 90/10

2 – Pkgs Grass Fed Ground Beef 90/10 (1 lb Packages)

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90/10 is our lean grass fed ground beef for customers on low fat diets.

Rain Crow Ranch American Grassfed Beef is produced from cattle of top class grassfed genetics. Our cattle are raised with respect for the animal allowing the fulfillment of its biological and behavioral instincts.

Our cattle are raised with respect for the land of which the sustainable practices used insure a legacy for future generations. Our cattle are handled and processed with respect for the quality and safety of the beef produced.

Our cattle are raised with pride on an American family farm.

  • Open pasture, never confined to feedlots.
  • 100% forage diet for the entire lifetime.
  • No antibiotics, ever.
  • No hormones, ever.
  • No animal by-products, ever.

Our grass fed beef is the  healthiest on the planet.


Our shipping is currently handled by our processing facility and comes direct to your door via either UPS or FedEx.


We ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to allow the product to arrive in frozen condition and to avoid the chance of sitting over the weekend.


Currently we ship in Styrofoam coolers using dry ice.  You can reuse these containers for picnics and when you need to keep food cool.


We will send you a shipping confirmation and tracking number the day the product ships so you will be advised to look for arrival.


We send the product with the signature waived to allow the delivery to be left at your door if you are not home.


Otherwise, it may ride around in the delivery truck for days.

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