Grassfed Beef Liver 2 packs (16 oz/ pkg))
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Grassfed Beef Liver 2 packs (16 oz/ pkg))

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Liver is nature’s vitamin store. Rain Crow Ranch Grass Fed beef liver is considered by many to be a super food due to the rich content of micronutrients

It is essential to eat organ meats from grassfed beef without any antibiotics, hormones or commercial feeds.Since this organ is acts as filter that clears the body of drugs and other poisonous substances, you need to make sure the animal has been raised in the most pristine environment and without the use of added drugs and by-products.

In commercial feedlots, cattle are fed an aberrant diet of corn, antibiotics and growth hormones.  Over 50% develop liver abscesses and are condemned on inspection.  These toxins can be harbored in the liver.

If you eat liver for good health and wellness or because you love the liver and onions you grew up on then choose healthy grass fed liver from Rain Crow Ranch.

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