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American Grass Fed Beef Newsletter

October, 2002

Welcome to the latest issue of the American Grass Fed Beef Newsletter. In this issue, you will find the following:

* Our Grass Fed Beef Drawing Winner
* St Louis Dispatch Article Features Grass Fed Beef 
* New Lower Prices for Grass Fed Beef
* Can traces of penicillin in store bought beef cause
   an allergic reaction?
* New . . .  Grass Fed Beef Bratwurst, Sausage & Bacon
* Saving Suggestion When Ordering Grass Fed Beef
* Hearty Ranch Style Chili Recipe


Congratulations to Irwin M of Springfield, NJ.  He received our beef tenderloin gift box.  


Our grass fed beef was recently featured in the St. Louis Dispatch and the article was picked up by other newspapers throughout the United States.  The reporter stated:

"The American Grass Fed Beef filet had very little marbling, instead appearing like a brilliant maroon piece of sashimi-grade tuna."

The press has been kind to us and great source for educating the public about the benefits of grass fed beef.


Check out our new prices for grass fed beef. As our volume of shipments have increased, our cost of shipping and packaging have decreased. 

We will continue to pass these savings on to our customers wherever possible . . . so tell your friends about grass fed beef.  


If you have questions for Dr. Whisnant, please write her at:

 E-mail American Grass Fed Beef

Here is an example of a great question from one of our visitors.

QUESTION: In the last 2 or 3 years if my Dad eats store bought beef he has allergy attacks that are so severe he ends up in the ER. We changed the meat he eats to only grass fed or organic-raised and now he doesn't have the attacks. 

He is extremely allergic to penicillin. We know that some (most) animals are given different medicines to keep them healthy and increase growth. 

Could this be causing his allergic reactions? My Dad's doctor said he had another patient that was having reactions but they didn't know why. He was going to have the patient try changing his diet the way my Dad did. (I don't know if it helped or not--Mom never asked.) 

Could other people be having the same problem?

ANSWER: Thanks for your inquiry to American Grass Fed Beef.

Of course, I couldn't say for sure about any particular allergies, but we do have customers who use our meat for just that reason.

In fact, one family just this week purchased a quarter beef for their son. This 5 year old child has severe reactions to even small traces of chemicals found in "store bought" meat. He has gained 5 pounds in the last few months eating our grass fed beef and they are thrilled. He has never had that kind of weight gain.

This family is only one of several who report reactions to "industrial" beef and tolerate our grass fed with no problems. We also have many customers who use our beef because of certain health challenges such as cancer. They want to maintain a pure, non-toxic diet.

As a veterinarian, I do know the chemical/medicinal additives that are required in the diet of feedlot cattle in order to get them to finished weight is not what I want to consume or feed my family.

Thanks again, and as I get more information I'll let you know.

P. Whisnant, D.V.M.
American Grass Fed Beef

P.S. If anyone has more experiences to share, feel free to write me at:

 E-mail American Grass Fed Beef


This month we traveled to a small town in Missouri to bring you bratwurst, summer sausage and bacon from a German family with generations of experience making award winning recipes. We are combining our grass fed beef with their expertise to bring you natural alternatives which are antibiotic FREE, hormone FREE, pesticide FREE and nitrate FREE.

We did a test run to see our customer response.  Surprisingly, our children only got a small sample of bacon before we sold out in the first few days and it will be a few weeks before our next batch is complete.  

Our bratwurst and summer sausage were met with rave reviews and are extremely popular.  Needless to say . . . we have decided to increase production.  

Oktoberfest is being celebrated in this German themed town now and it is a peak time for USDA facilities so we aren't up to full production yet so beware . . . quantities are limited.  

Like our all natural grass fed beef jerky . . . these unique grass fed beef items are difficult to find so they go fast.  To order check out our website at: f-sausage.asp

We will be adding more choices and varying our recipes while we experiment.


Many of you have noticed on most of our order pages an item that says "Add Your Favorite Beef to Your Shipment."  We came up with this item so our customers could add unique combinations to their orders  when ordering a steak, gift, pet food, variety, burger or family box.

We can add items to your box for less because much of your packaging and shipping costs are covered in your initial purchase. 

Here are the items you can currently add for $9.99:

2 lbs skirt steak
2 lbs round steak
2 lbs liver
2 lbs beef bratwurst
13 oz summer sausage
2 lbs cube steak - 4 steaks
2 lbs breakfast steak
2 lbs ground beef - 1 lb pkgs
2 lbs ground beef - 2 lb pkg
2 lbs ground beef-4 oz patties
2 lbs ground beef-5.3 oz patties
2 lbs ox tail bones for winter soups
3 lbs of beef tongue, heart or knuckle bones - great for raw dog food

Just remember . . . these items have to be added to a steak, gift, pet food, variety, burger or family box.


4 lbs - Grass Fed Ground Beef
5 C -   Dried beans (Pinto, black, lima)
2 to 3 qts - Water
2 Cans (28oz.) -  Crushed tomatoes
2 lg. - Onions diced
2 T - Chili powder
1 T - Cumin seed
C - Dried or fresh cilantro
2 t - Garlic salt

Wash beans, cover with water and bring to boil. Turn off the heat and let set for 1 hour. Return to medium heat and cook until tender.

Brown grass fed ground beef and add to beans. Add all other ingredients and simmer for several hours or in crock-pot.

Adjust the consistency by either adding more water or removing a cup or so of the bean mixture and pureeing in a food processor or blender. Then add back to the chili.

We have a large family of 8 and a big pot of chili makes for great weekend meals as the weather begins to get cooler and we find ourselves busy outside. This recipe can easily be cut down for those who do not have such a large household to feed.

Our favorite way to eat chili is to place corn chips on the bottom of a bowl, put rice on top of that and then pour the chili over both. We sprinkle a bit of cheddar cheese on top.

We belong to a food co-op and are able to get good quality organic products. Using these for my ingredients along with grass fed beef, I feel this is a hearty and healthy  "make ahead and enjoy the weekend meal" for our family

Until next month.

Dr. Patricia Whisnant
Veterinarian and Grass Farmer

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