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American Grass Fed Beef Newsletter

September, 2002

Welcome to the latest issue of the American Grass Fed Beef Newsletter. In this issue, you will find the following:

* Our Grass Fed Beef Drawing Winner
* Latest News 
* Additions to Our Website
* Additional Sources for Our Beef 
* Ask Dr. Whisnant
* Pregnant Mom Shares About Grass Fed Beef
* Grass Fed Raw Dog Food and Cat Food
* Dr. Whisnantís Award Winning Grass Fed Beef Recipe


Congratulations to HANNA DOPPELT of Chicago, Illinois who is the lucky winner of our Grass Fed Beef Drawing. She received a gift box of our delicious grass fed beef tenderloin.


Our web site has gained much media attention in the last month. Our grass farm was featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and Daily American Republic newspapers. 

Dr. Whisnant was, also, interviewed on the Nan and Doug morning show on KMOX in St. Louis. 

Chet Day presented an article by Dr. Whisnant in his popular Health and Beyond newsletter. Chetís website has great articles about almost any health topic.  Chet has put together a 12 e-mail series of grass fed beef recipes at:


By popular request, we have just added a way to purchase large quantities of ground beef, quarters, sides and whole beef on our website.

Picking up larger orders at our grass farm is the most economical way to purchase our beef. If you live in our area, it is a wonderful family outing to take a drive to the country. 

As an alternative, we will deliver to food co-ops, restaurants and retail stores with large orders in our area.

Also, we have added a monthly buying club for regular customer savings:


If you are in the Boston area, our grass fed beef is now available at Lee's Market:

Leeís Supermarket
796 Main Road
Westport, Massachusetts, 02790
Phone: (508) 636-3348

Leeís is a family owned supermarket selling unique gourmet foods. Occasionally, they offer chef demonstrations for learning to cook grass fed beef. 

If you are in the Atlanta area, our grass fed beef jerky and snack sticks are now available at:

Natural Market Place
4719 Lower Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA 30068-4269
Phone:(770) 973-4061

Natural Market Place is a health food store with a live food bar, organic foods, and supplements. The owners are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. 

Please visit these markets and support their efforts to provide this healthy beef.


If you have questions for Dr. Whisnant, please write her at:

 E-mail American Grass Fed Beef

Here is an example of a great question from one of our visitors.

QUESTION: Considering the increasing acceptance of the Atkins diet, is there less pressure to provide extremely lean beef? I believe some of the flavor in beef comes from being well marbled with some amount of fat. I have an order placed so you know I trust your judgment in running your business.

ANSWER: I personally feel that any diet has a problem in asking you to eat "abnormally" for a time, lose the weight, then go back to eating "normally". Often, the weight comes back. I believe you have to change eating habits in order to truly make weight loss a success.

As a veterinarian, I can tell you that an animal in a state of ketosis (which is what the ketones in the urine on the Atkins Diet indicate) is considered sick and should be medically treated. I have read the theory behind the diet, but I still have grave concerns as to its healthiness.

Only in the last 40 or so years have Americans learned to accept corn fed beef as what good beef should taste like. I truly donít believe our ancestors would enjoy the bland, fatty taste of current grain fed beef. 

Many consumers today prefer grass fed beef. Some of the finest beef in the world comes from Argentina and New Zealand (grass fed).

The American acquisition of a taste for corn-fattened beef coincides remarkable with changes in agriculture that revolutionized the production of corn. Corn today uses more artificial fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides than any other crop that we produce. A huge outpouring of government subsidies has, also, made it cheap.

Before the corn revolution, it took lots of open land and time to fatten cattle. Using corn speeds up the process, allows growth to be done in confinement, and allows fattening to be done more quickly and cheaply. Speed means profit.

Corn fed beef? From the standpoint of the animal, it is not healthier. The abnormal diet of corn causes multi-organ disease processes, which necessitates the feeding of steroids and antibiotics to keep cows alive.

From the standpoint of the beef, corn fed beef is not healthier for you. Much evidence shows that it is not only the amount of fat consumed that is unhealthy for us, but it is also the type of fat. Corn fattened beef is high in saturated fat and low in omega-3 fatty acids (a good fat found in grass fed beef).

From the standpoint of the environment corn fed beef is not healthier. The heavy use of fossil fuel, artificial fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides required to make corn is rapidly depleting our nation's soil.

Many who eat grass fed beef say that it has a cleaner, more pure taste. We have sold grass fed beef to Europeans and Argentineans now living in the U.S. who want the beef flavor they experience from grass fed beef and canít find from other sources.

Since you are interested in weight loss, the biggest value to you is that 12 ounces of our grass fed beef has approximately 200 fewer calories than the same portion of grain fed beef. Plus, grass fed beef is lower in harmful fat than grain fed beef. 

Our grass fed beef does not sacrifice your health. After a few servings, you will become a connoisseur of the richer flavor of dry aged grass fed beef, which doesnít have the greasy fatty taste of grain fed beef. A diet of grass fed beef is not only healthier for you but itís tastier, too. ! ! ! 

Give yourself a few meals, I think you will be in for a treat.

This answer is probably more than wanted to know, but it is a fond topic of mine.

P. Whisnant, D.V.M.
American Grass Fed Beef


We are learning from our customers great reasons for eating grass fed beef. Here is a comment from a pregnant mom:

"I just wanted to say "Thank You" for your all natural products. We haven't cooked any of our beef yet (we're saving it for our vacation next week), but I just love the beef jerky and the snack sticks.

I am pregnant with my second baby, and I love the fact that there are no preservatives or nitrates/nitrites in the snacks that could be harmful to my unborn baby. 

My 15 month old daughter also loves the snack sticks, which came as a great surprise because she is such a picky eater!!

Thanks again!
Sarah Lake"


We have discovered that many of our health conscious visitors are advocates of Dr. Billinghurst's BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet. We have been getting more and more requests as "word of mouth" advertising has increased the demand. Our customer's pets love our grass fed beef and news about our beef has traveled fast. 

For the convenience of our customers, we have decided to add a small area on our site devoted to grass fed beef for your live food dogs and cats. 

As a veterinarian for 21 years, I believe that giving our pets live food is the best option for a healthy pet. By special request, we now offer our customers USDA grass fed ground beef, liver, tongues, hearts, knuckles and tails for their pets. 

Our Labrador and 3 cats eat raw grass fed beef. They all thrive on a live food diet. 

If you have not done research on live food for dogs and cats, I highly recommend that you spend some time reading the following books before switching your pet to a live food diet:

"Give Your Dog a Bone" by Dr. Ian Billinghurst
"The Ultimate Diet" by Kymythy R. Schultze, A.H.I. 
"Reigning Cats and Dogs" by Pat McKay 

There is more involved to feeding a live food diet than just throwing a raw meaty bone out for your pet. In fact, some types of raw meaty bones can be hazardous to your petís health. Never feed a cooked bone to your pet.

You need to be aware of your pet's complete nutritional requirements before trying a raw food diet. However, it is the intelligent choice for the informed pet owner.

Visit our web site for your pet food:


My Mexican Casserole has long been a family favorite of the Whisnant household. In fact, years ago I won the Florida State Beef Cook Off sponsored by the Florida Cowbells and the Florida Cattleman's Association with this recipe. 

I hesitated to give our newsletter readers this recipe because it doesn't use all healthy ingredients. However, I did win over all the grain fed beef entries with this recipe. I thought you might enjoy seeing my award winning recipe which sold even this ultimate die hard grain fed cattlemen crowd.

Here is my secret for success . . . grass fed ground beef in a casserole does not have a heavy layer of fat that you get from grain fed ground beef. It adds a richer, fuller taste to any beef casserole. 


2 pounds of Grass fed Ground Beef
10 free range eggs
1 small onion (chopped)
1/2 c. evaporated milk
1 (16oz.) can refried beans
1 (4oz.) can green chilies
1 (10oz.) can tomatoes and green chilies
1 (11oz.) bag tortilla chips
1/2 c. water
2 c. sharp raw Cheddar cheese
1 tsp. cumin
Garnish with diced tomatoes, avocado, salsa and sour cream
Celtic sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Brown beef and onion. Cook until water naturally occurring in grass fed beef evaporates. Add beans, tomatoes and green chilies, water, cumin and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for 15-20 minutes. 

Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper.

Add chopped green chilies. Cook in lightly greased pan until "hard scrambled". Set aside. 

To assemble casserole: Crush chips in bottom of greased 11-13-inch pan. Pour meat mixture over chips, layer egg mixture over top of meat. Top with grated cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. 

Remove and garnish with diced tomatoes, avocados, salsa and sour cream as desired. 

Serves 8. 

Dr. Patricia Whisnant
Veterinarian and Grass Farmer

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