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American Grass Fed Beef Newsletter

August,  2004
Circulation 22,363

Welcome to the latest issue of the American Grass Fed Beef Newsletter. In this issue, you will find the following:

* Announcing Our New Site
* Excerpt 2 of 4 -  Jo Robinson's New Book Pasture Perfect
* Savings Tip - Add Your Favorite Item
* Recipes and Great Beef Ideas
* What Our Customers Are Saying About Us
* Shipping Changes



Actually, to heck with the media -- we want YOU to know!  You're the first to get the news that our new site has arrived.  The dog food and dog treats here are unlike anything else you'll find anywhere else on the Internet.  Healthy, nutritious, and all created under our watchful you know you can buy with confidence.

Here's the story behind the "Birth of American":  After acquiring a USDA meat processing plant, we have met some wonderful, dedicated small ranchers with pasture-raised "free"cattle -- hormone-free, antibiotic- free and steroid-free.  Our neighbors' cattle doesn't meet our strict 100% grass-fed standard, but the beef is very close to 100% grass-fed.   This pasture raised beef is closer to grass-fed and healthier than what most health food stores are currently labeling grass-fed beef. 

Did you know:  Corporate marketers are pushing for a USDA 80% grass and 20% grain standard for labeling beef as "grass-fed.".  To us . . . this is mislabeled feedlot beef.  Go figure.

Our friends are good, honest, country ranchers who raise their cattle humanely on 100% grass pastures.  They may supplement with some hay in the winter months or use grain occasionally to move their cattle to other pastures.  Other friends are actually true 100% grass fed ranchers.  Our hearts’ desire is to help these ranchers find a market for their beef and continue to live and work their family businesses on the land they love.

We thought it would be fun and a good "doggie deed" to work with these ranchers to expand our raw dog food line and create a few healthy canine treats to put a smile on dogs faces everywhere.  (A barking good idea, if I do say so myself.)  Our goal was two-fold:  we would help our friends connect with city folk and at the same time, we would provide dog lovers with great smokehouse treats and raw dog food.  

A true WIN-WIN.

If you own a pet, come on over and check out our new site at:

You're sure to find something wonderful for your pet, or maybe to give as a gift to your favorite pet owner. 


We want our site to serve our customers, so please...let us know what you think .

Be good to your animals!

P.S.  These are 2 separate sites with 2 separate shopping carts.  Feel free to order from one 1 site and indicate in our special instructions section the items you want from the other site.  We will combine the shipping and place the second order for you.


Jo Robinson is an outspoken advocate of a more natural way to raise our livestock.  She has authored or co-authored 11 popular books, including Why Grass-fed Is Best!

Her new book, Pasture Perfect, offers compelling evidence that taking our animals out of factory farms and retuning them to pasture is better for the animals, the environment, family farmers, and consumers.  She also has a website, which features grass fed news, the most recent research, and list of suppliers of grass fed products.

This article was published in "Mother Earth News" recently.  We thought our readers would enjoy Jo's insights so we are offering it to you in four installments over the next few issues.

Part 2 of 4:

An Abundance Of the Good Fat

In 1999 researchers discovered another health benefit of grass-fed products: They're the richest known source of another good fat called conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. CLA may be one of our most potent cancer fighters.  Animals given very small amounts of CLA-a mere 1.5 percent of their total calories-had a 60 percent reduction in tumor growth in a study published in Cancer Research.

CLA may fight cancer in people as well.  Recently Finnish researchers found that the more CLA in a woman's diet, the lower her risk of breast cancer.  Women who consumed the most CLA had an amazing 60 percent lower risk.  According to the research team.  " A diet composed of CLA-rich foods, particularly cheese, may protect against breast cancer in post menopausal woman."

What the researchers failed to mention is that cheese from a grass fed ruminant has five times more CLA cheese from a grain-fed animal, according to Tilak Dhiman-a professor in Utah State University's Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Department.  Professor Dhiman estimates that if you are an omnivore you may be able to lower your risk of cancer simply by eating daily one serving of meat, one slice of cheese and one glass of milk from a grass-fed cow.  If the products are from an ordinary grain-fed cow, however, you would have to eat five servings of meat, cheese, and milk to reap the same benefits.

The nutrient-rich milk from grass-fed cows is not a "designer" food that came about through genetic manipulation or the feeding of exotic ingredients:  It's the milk nature provides.  Whenever cattle are allowed to eat their truly traditional diet, their dairy products contain high amounts of CLA.  When you switch to butter, milk and cheese from grass-fed cows, you are restoring to your diet nutrients factory farming took away.

You are also reducing your intake of something you don't want: saturated fat and calories.  Feedlot operators feed grain to ruminants because it makes the animals grow faster and fatter, resulting in highly marbled meat.  All that marbling adds a lot of calories in a 6-ounce steak from a grain-fed steer, according to a report in the Journal of Food Quality.  If you eat a typical amount of beef, eating grass-fed beef would save 17,733 calories a year-without requiring an ounce more of will-power.  At that rate you could lose about 6 pounds a year.


All of our shipped Steak, Gift, Variety, Burger, Pet Food and Family Boxes are priced with container, coolant and shipping included.  To add a roast, flank steak, sirloin steak, beef bacon, ground beef, meaty bone or other item to a box requires only a little extra shipping expense on our part plus the cost of the beef.

Therefore, when you order one of our boxes . . .  look on the page for Add Your Favorite Beef or Roast to Your Shipment.   For your convenience, we have tried to anticipate and price your favorites.


The prime consideration in cooking grass-fed beef on the grill is to cook low and slow.  We set the grill to medium high to preheat.  We place the burgers or brats on the grill just to brown on each side then lower the temperature to low and cook until done, DO NOT OVERCOOK.  Remember the phrase, "Grass-fed beef needs to be cooked with a flashlight!"  

Since pressed burgers will have a firmer consistency than hand-formed patties we often baste the burgers with a marinade, BBQ sauce, olive oil, or garlic sauce to maintain moisture and prevent them becoming tough.  One of our favorites is an all natural garlic sauce made by Flynn which we included in our specials this month.


8 Gourmet Grass-Fed Beef Patties
1 pkg. Organic dry onion soup mix
1 T Cornstarch or Flour
1 C water
1 lb. Sliced mushrooms
2 T Olive oil

Brown the burgers in the olive oil and remove from heat. Sauté the mushrooms until almost done, adding more olive oil as needed.  Add the water and let heat over medium temperature.  Mix together the flour and the dry onion soup then add to the pan, stirring until smooth.  Return the burgers to the pan.  Cover and place in the oven for 30 minutes at 325 degrees.  

Serve on a toasted bun, spooning the mushroom and onion sauce on the top of the burger.

These burgers are moist, tender, fast, and easy to make.  They are a favorite with our kids. If any of the above ingredients are something you would not wish to use, just substitute or leave it out! 


This recipe was sent to us last year by a customer, Charlie Baker, from Charleston, SC.  It remains a favorite with many especially those in our nearby German community.

Use a good German Style Beer like "St. Pauli Girl", enough to cover all the Brats.

Tip 1:  Combine beer with a whole stick of butter in a big pot and bring the mixture to a boil.

Tip 2: Don't use a Beer that is too Stout, like a Guinness, because it will overpower the flavor of these great tasting Brats. 

Take a 5 lbs. package of American Grass Fed Bratwurst (20 links) and put them in the pot with the boiling beer & butter.

Bring the Brats to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. While the Brats are boiling, fire up your grill. 

Once the Brats have simmered for 15 minutes take them out of the beer mixture and place them on the grill. Grill them for 8 to 10 minutes, browning them evenly. 

Once you have grilled the Brats then put them back in the hot beer mixture to keep them warm. 

Now take a hot dog bun, spread it with some Spicy Brown Mustard, add a hot grilled Brat and cover it with a good German style sauerkraut. 


I just last week served the 1st of the beef and it was simply fine.  I marinated it in Worcestershire sauce and olive oil from morning till dinner time and we put the rib eyes on the grill.  They were perfect!  My daughter
is currently undergoing chemotherapy and I chose the grass fed beef to help keep her energy stores up as she is not allowed to take vitamins.  I read that the grass fed beef has omega 3's and is almost as good for you as fish with low fat content too. Thanks for offering such a fine product",
Rowena Wolf

"I'm happy to let you know the steaks that I bought from your company were enjoyed by the entire family.   My plan was that the steaks would be a surprise gift for the entire group, but then my son informed me his girlfriend's Mother didn't  have any idea they were going to visit.  The plan came together with Grandma Burford taking charge and as I was told she would hide the gift!!  I confirmed that Grandma knew they were steaks and to please not put them in her closet!!  Everyone was happy and the steaks are gone, now.  My husband and I are happy that we were able to share in the visit, with your great product and service".
Thank you,
Kathy Andreas

"Everything was so much to my satisfaction that I just placed another order and hope to be receiving it soon.  Thanks so much.  I have just finished reading "Fast Food Nation," and boy am I glad I have been paying attention to how the beef I buy is raised and processed all along.  Thanks for total grass feeding and responsible processing".
Linda Minarik


In the past several months the price of beef has sky-rocketed as with the price of shipping.  We are doing everything possible here to keep prices down. In order to do this, we have had to change some of our shipping techniques.  We feel we have chosen the best possible means to ship your beef safely to arrive frozen while keeping the costs as low as possible.

First, we have tested several different types of boxes, ice, methods of shipping and shipping companies.  The insulated shipping container we have selected has been extensively tested not only by us but by the box manufacturer as well. It is the same type of container used to ship extremely temperature sensitive medical biologicals.  These boxes packed with dry ice have been tested to keep beef frozen for 5 days under normal circumstances. 

Second, we are attempting to ship all of our beef  UPS ground.  This is a far more affordable way to ship our beef compared to any type of air shipping.  We still offer Overnight, 2-day air, and 3 day air shipping, however, there is an additional charge for this.  From our location in the mid-west we can reach most of the country in 2-3 day ground shipments.  

The third change we've made is with the coolant.  Since 99% of our packages are being sent ground, we are able to use dry ice in the boxes instead of the Techni-Ice.  Dry ice allows for longer transit times with the ground shipping. The heat of the summer is a real challenge to overcome in getting your beef to you in a frozen state, dry ice is helping us accomplish this task.  

As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback and try to follow up on our shipping methods as well as the quality of the beef to assurance the satisfaction of the customer.  Let us know if you have any problems.  Also, if we do some things right, we like to hear from you as well!


Patricia Whisnant, DVM
Grass Farmer and Veterinarian

P.S.  Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends, clients and colleagues.  Encourage your friends to enter our grass fed beef drawing, too.

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