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American Grass Fed Beef Newsletter
August, 2003

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Welcome to the latest issue of the American Grass Fed Beef Newsletter. In this issue, you will find the following:

* Interview with Dave Draper Former Mr. Universe and Mr America
* New Hot Snack Sticks
* Blueberry Hamburgers and Other Recipes
* Thanks to Real Simple Magazine

Interview With Dave Draper -Former Mr. Universe and Mr. America

Dave and Laree Draper are customers of We thought Dave's story of recovering from congestive heart failure would be an encouragement for others with health challenges.

Dr. Whisnant: I have read that years ago you experienced congestive heart failure. It seems impossible that someone who has achieved peak fitness to win Mr. Universe and Mr. America could develop congestive heart failure at a relatively young age. How did it happen?

Dave Draper: I am one of those fools one hears and reads about all too often who drank far too much alcohol. Simple. The poison in large and regular doses is bound to kill you or eventually render you less than useful.

Dr. Whisnant: Describe for our readers . . . what is congestive heart failure?

Dave Draper: I can only give you my best guess. The body repels excess alcohol and repeated over-dosage of the ingredient causes overload and eventual breakdown of the various organs (liver and kidneys, primarily) struggling to keep the body alive.

The interacting organs with their vast responsibilities suffer major edema. The swelling within the body's cavity causes radical position shifts and pressure on these sick organs. The lung capacity is severely compromised and the swelling of the heart misshapes and stretches valves.

The system is impaired as if by strangulation and the condition worsens when relief is not accomplished. It becomes a progressive disease and can lead quickly to death.

Dr. Whisnant: Were you expected to recover?

Dave Draper: I was 4 weeks in the hospital . . . intensive care 3 days and the prognosis was mighty grim.

Dr. Whisnant: Many of our readers have become interested in health after experiencing grave illnesses. Could you provide some insights into how you rebuilt your health . . . for example what was your recovery diet?

Dave Draper: Simple. I removed the alcohol and replaced it with pure spring water. Though ironic and a total contradiction . . . as a competitive weightlifter and muscle builder, my diet was impeccable: high protein, low carbohydrate with an eye on excess bad fats. I had my vitamins and minerals and a pattern of eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day to satisfy my ongoing nutritional demands.

After responding to the good doctoring and medications and starting the slow process of re-righting my haywire system, I eased back into exercise and work with extra care over time. What God through Jesus had to do with all of this is another story . . . the real story.

Dr. Whisnant: Usually people with heart disease are discouraged from eating beef . . . what is your opinion?

Dave Draper: I knew what my problem was and it wasn't the beef. Never was. Never is.

Heart disease occurs more often, we are told, when there is a history of heart condition in one's family. But more than that, it's one's ignorance and general lack of care and responsibility for the precious gift of life, lack of sound exercise and a poor diet (too much sugar and junk food and bad fat), which leads to obesity. The downward cycle is in motion.

Dr. Whisnant: What did you do to regain your strength and ability to exercise again?

Dave Draper: Healing came over time. I submitted to my weakened condition with a hopeful and positive eye on recovery. I practiced the right nutrition I knew so well from my years as an athlete training for elite competition.

In due time, I began applying appropriate modifications to the exercise and training regimens of my healthier years. My background gave me a head start in recovery: training knowledge, muscle memory, discipline and perseverance.

Dr. Whisnant: What did you learn about health that you didn't know before experiencing congestive heart failure? Did this experience with congestive heart failure change your perspective on life?

Dave Draper: Don't mess with your health. We take it all for granted and wait for the shoe (or hammer) to drop before we pick ourselves up and try to fix the mess.

I'm not obsessed with caring for myself, but I am responsible. It's our obligation to be healthfully and functionally active, to exercise with enthusiasm and to eat right regularly and always. This should be taught to us as truths and traditions by loving family and caring authorities generation to generation.

Dr. Whisnant: For readers who feel their health condition is hopeless . . . what are some words of encouragement that you can provide?

Dave Draper: There are the incidences of advanced disease and old age and disability where one cannot effect healthy changes with exercise and right eating. These folks are not the readers of the material you or I provide for information or encouragement.

Everyone else can benefit enormously from a basic and solid regimen of daily exercise and a simple, yet thoughtful eating plan. Exercise should include resistance training as well as swift walking and the menu should include high protein from meat, poultry, fish and dairy and a lower percentage of carbohydrates from fresh salads, steamed vegetables (especially cruciferous variety broccoli, cauliflower and such) and some fruit, and ample good fats from grass-fed beef, fish, flaxseed (EFAs) and no junk-food fats or sugar. Take a superior vitamin and mineral with anti-oxidants and drink lots of water.

Embrace these simple precepts and embrace long life . . . one filled with energy, endurance, creative thinking, discipline, strength and health. Ignore them and deal with the frightening consequences that sneak up daily.

These surely include loss of muscle and strength, increase in body fat and inactivity, decrease in enthusiasm for life and loss of well being.

Patti, over the years I've watched folks as they come and go daily at my gym in Santa Cruz. They are of all ages and walks of life, kids and grandmothers, doctors, lawyers and pool cleaners. Given half a chance, they come to love the disciplines of living right, the fun of lifting weights, the de-stressing quality of exercise and the renewed vigor and bodily power they provide.

They can't imagine living without exercise, good food and personal care. Vanity had come and gone a long time ago, put aside after they got hooked by the internal and external satisfactions of training hard, eating right and reaping the joy.

Does this sound like a choice to you? We've got work to do to show the good people the door and how easy it is to open and walk through, and how cool it is on the other side.

There's a free weekly newsletter available at my website,, for anyone who is drawn toward the wonderful aspects of exercise and right eating. Motivation and exercise and nutritional information are offered in a no-hype and friendly format. Ya'll are invited to join in the good fun, the good fight.

Thanks for the invitation and opportunity to write.

God's speed...



At the request of our customers, we have added a literally HOT new flavor to our grass fed beef snack sticks. All of our snack sticks are healthy high protein snack food when you are at home or on the go.

In keeping with our philosophy, they are made with No artificial ingredients, No chemical dyes, No msg, and No nitrates. This Hot Snack Stick has the following ingredients: Beef, water, salt, spice, sugar, granulated onion, garlic, red pepper, crushed red pepper, collagen casing.


Blueberry Hamburgers

If you have been watching the national news lately, you probably have heard that a researcher did a study on blueberry hamburgers. Blueberry hamburgers were even mentioned on Regis and Kelly.

We decided to do our own taste test to see how blueberries fair in grass fed beef. Here was our recipe:

3 T Fresh or thawed frozen blueberries 1 lb American Grass Fed Beef - Ground Beef

We blended our blueberries in our Vitamix, combined the blended blueberries with our grass fed ground beef and formed them into 1/3 pound blueberry/grass fed beef patties.

We seared the patties on high and then reduced the heat to low for a few minutes like we usually do. Surprisingly these blueberry hamburgers were wonderful.

The small amount of blueberries added moisture to our super low fat beef. We couldn't even taste or see much evidence of the blueberries. We would highly recommend giving blueberries a try.

If you don't have blueberries . . . minced cherries, onions, mushrooms, olives, spinach or carrots in your grass fed beef burgers will, also, add moisture without adding fat. Try your own experiment and tell us how it goes.

Mushroom Swiss Burgers

If the thought of blueberries in your grass fed beef burgers makes you cringe, here is a more traditional grass fed beef burger recipe:

6 (5.3 oz.) American Grass Fed Beef patties 1 lb. sliced mushrooms 1/2 c onions, sliced 1 T Organic beef bouillon 2 T Olive oil 6 slices Organic Swiss cheese 6 large Hamburger buns

Add olive oil to a heavy skillet and brown beef patties on each side. Cook very slowly until done and remove from pan (keep warm).

Add the mushrooms, onions, bouillon to the pan (add more oil if needed) and cook until tender.

Lightly toast the buns. Assemble the burgers by placing the beef on the bun, layer with mushrooms and onions, then place the cheese on top. Place the burgers in the oven (350 degrees) until the cheese is melted.

Western Style Baked Beans

Since we are featuring barbeque food in this newsletter, I thought I would go ahead and include this recipe for baked beans. We have a large family, but the recipe can easily be cut in half.

2 (3# 5oz.) can organic baked beans 2 lb. grass fed ground beef (cooked) 1 lg. organic onion (diced) 1 green bell pepper (diced) 2 c tomato ketchup 2 T Dijon mustard 1/2 c brown sugar 5 slices grass fed beef bacon Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a baking dish. Place the bacon on top of the beans. Bake in 350 degree oven for 1 hour.

Bratwurst and Red Potatoes

1 1/2 lb. red potatoes, sliced into 1/4" rounds or small quarters Celtic sea salt / fresh ground pepper 2 T olive oil 1/2 c onion sliced 1/2 c celery, sliced thin 1/4 c fresh finely, chopped parsley 2 t fresh finely, chopped thyme 2T olive oil 2T Balsamic vinegar 1 lb. bratwurst

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Place sliced potatoes (single layer) on baking sheet, drizzle with oil, salt and pepper to taste. Roast for 10 minutes. Stir and turn the potatoes, roasting until browned and tender (about 10 more minutes).

Grill bratwurst over low heat until just barely done. Or, pan cook in a small amount of oil until just done. Remove from heat and slice into 1/2" rounds.

Sauté the onion and celery in olive oil until soft (3-4 minutes). Add parsley, thyme, Balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste and remove from heat.

Combine potatoes, bratwurst, vegetable and herb mixture place back in baking sheet in the oven (turned off) to just warm evenly.

Tailgate Bratwurst

We are big football fans and look forward to the upcoming fall season with excitement. Our oldest son played his freshman year in college, our next oldest played through high school, and our third oldest is currently playing high school football.

When summer turns to the cool of fall, our thoughts turn to football. Fondly remembered are not just the games themselves, but the festivities that go along with the season. Whether it has been the tailgate parties at college games, or feeding the entire high school squad in our home .. . a favorite food to serve has always been bratwurst.

I usually grill the brats on low heat and make sure that I only cook them until they are just barely done (overcooking will dry them out and make them tough). I then wrap them in foil to keep warm.

The following preparation method below was sent to us last year by a football and bratwurst fan who is a customer of American Grass Fed Beef. I thought it worthy to pass along:

Football Tailgating Fans,

Are you looking for great Tailgating Food Ideas? Well, in the famous tradition of Tailgating from the "frozen tundra" of Green Bay, Wisconsin home of the World Champion Green Bay Packers, here is a Championship Recipe for "Grilled Brats".

First and foremost you need a good German Style Bratwurst, and I strongly suggest the "best Bratwurst" I've found is from American Grass Fed Beef. With the "Brats" in hand here is what you do:

Take a good German Style Beer like "St. Pauli Girl", enough to cover all the Brats.

Tip 1: Buy two six packs, 8 or 9 for the Brats and 3 or 4 to drink while you cook plus a whole stick of butter and put in a big pot and bring the mixture to a boil.

Tip 2: Don't use a Beer that is to Stout, like a Guinness, because it will overpower the flavor of these great tasting Brats.

Take a 5 lbs. package of American Grass Fed Beef German Style Bratwurst (20 links) and put them in the pot with the boiling Beer & Butter.

Bring the Brats to boil and simmer for 15 minutes. While the Brats are boiling fire up your grill.

Once the Brats have simmered for 15 minutes take them out of the Beer & Butter and place them on the grill. Grill them for 8 to 10 minutes, browning them evenly.

Once you have grilled the Brats then put them back in the hot Beer & Butter pot to keep them warm.

Now take a Hot Dog Bun and spread it with some Spicy Brown Mustard, take a Grilled Brat out of the Beer & Butter Pot, put in the Bun and cover it with a good German Style Sauerkraut.

Enjoy! I serve these at my Tailgate Parties down in the "Sunny South" at The Citadel Football Games in Charleston, SC. Everybody loves them and they want the recipe.

Tell them the secret is the great tasting German Style Bratwurst from American Grass Fed Beef.

Charlie & Patti Baker Charleston, SC


If you are in the area of Shelter Island, New York and want a healthy grass fed beef burger . . . visit Planet Bliss. They use our American Grass Fed Beef when preparing their healthy and delicious burgers.

Planet Bliss is a natural foods eatery and market located on route 114 in a 100 year old Victorian building which was one of the island's earliest grocers and post office. They serve lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch inside or on their porch.

Planet Bliss Rt. 114 & Duvall Street Shelter Island, New York (631) 749-0053


As summer wanes, school starts back and we all look forward to the change of season. Whether it is getting in that last barbeque of the summer or just enjoying the cooler evenings of the early fall we love to cook out.

If you could visit us here at American Grass Fed Beef, we would gather out on our deck for an early evening barbeque. This large deck spreads out across the back of our home sitting up on a hill. It overlooks a creek and winter finishing pasture to the North which in this season is being planted with winter wheat, oats, and rye and resting from animal foraging.

The barns and horse pastures lie to the East and you could watch our 8 horses grazing contentedly. To the South is alfalfa which has some of our finishing animals eating the best gaining forage on the place. The spoke-wheel design of the pie-shaped grazing paddocks is clearly evident and shows the various stages of consumption. This farm setting is rimmed with the Ozark hills, still in their intensely green summer clothes.

Of course, we serve grass fed beef. Our gatherings always breach a wide range of ages at the inclusion of family, neighbors, and friends. We often choose the All-American classic barbeque fare of hamburger but instead of hotdogs we use grass fed beef bratwurst. The rest of the menu includes Western Style Baked Beans, Cowboy Potatoes, a tossed salad, and home-made ice cream (see the recipes above for the beans).

So, our special this month is an invitation to our Whisnant family barbeque. Let's celebrate with burgers and brats . .. while supplies last:

48 (5.3 oz.) Gourmet Grass Fed Beef Burgers for $ 89.96 . .. just add 2 of the 24 grass fed beef 5.3 oz patties to your shopping cart:


10 lbs. of Natural Bratwurst for a total price of $57.96 . .. just add 2 of the 5 lbs of bratwurst to your shopping cart for this discount:


Several weeks ago we were interviewed by Real Simple magazine for their September issue. This beautiful magazine is filled with ways to simplify your life.

They suggested that their readers "stock the freezer with stew fixings for those cozy Sunday afternoons" with our grass fed beef which "contains a healthier balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids than grain fed beef." Their readers must listen because this month many Real Simple subscribers have tried our beef.

Thanks, Real Simple for bringing us many new friends!

Patricia Whisnant, DVM
Grass Farmer and Veterinarian

P.S.  Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends, clients and colleagues.

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