Why Buy Dry Aged Beef?

dry aged beef

"Dry aging beef is a time honored technique" 

This quality aging method makes the beef you buy not only more tender, but concentrates flavor and produces meat that is superb in taste and texture. 

Though rare in today's mass corporate produced and profit driven markets, the art of producing dry aged beef is still in demand for gourmet customers who know its  unsurpassed quality. 

"Where can I buy dry aged beef?"

Dry aged beef can only be found in the finest restaurants, upscale groceries, gourmet steak companies and via the internet.  However, it is even more rare to find dry aged beef which is grass fed.  

You have probably never experienced this healthy gourmet alternative unless you have gone to a fine European or Argentina restaurant whose chef recognizes the finest beef in the world.  

"Now you can experience 5 star restaurant quality dry aged grass fed beef from the comfort of your home"  

Our dry aged grass fed beef is a perfect choice for the health connoisseur.  Dry aging our beef allows the natural enzymes to break down the tough connective tissue in the meat, while the evaporation of water allows for a concentrated and richer flavor. This method is not new, in fact, it is quite old. 

"Our natural grass fed beef is dry aged in a controlled, closely watched, refrigerated environment for at least 14 days."

The temperature must be kept precisely between 34 and 36 degrees. If too warm, the meat will spoil . . .  if too cold, the meat will freeze and stop the dry aging process. 

The humidity is controlled to 85% to prevent too great a loss of water from the tissue (lean is 70% water). A constant flow of air is also maintained, as well as bacteria killing lighting, and absolute strict adherence to cleanliness. 

The most important part of the process, however, is not science or facility. It is the butcher, who brings to the process his art, founded in years of experience. It is this experience and watchful attention to detail that allows an average cut of beef to be transformed into a sensory sensation.

Since our grass fed beef is already excellent quality . . . you have the finest process combined with the finest meat.

"What is the difference between wet aged beef and dry aged beef?"

Wet aging or aging-in-the-bag has become the industry norm, 90% of aged beef is done this way. The beef is vacuum packed in plastic and sits at temperatures of 34-38 degrees for 7-28 days. Inside the plastic, the meat ages and becomes more tender yet there is no flavor development since there is not a concentration of flavor occurring with loss of moisture. 

This method has become more popular because it is cheaper and more profitable. Dry aging is more costly due to the approximately 18% loss in shrinkage and extra trim required, time, storage, refrigerator space, and labor.

"In a mass produced commercial environment where all attention is given to the profit margin, dry aging is being done only for a few discriminating customers." 

We at American Grass Fed Beef
feel that the special care, effort, and cost required to utilize dry aging is worth being able to offer our customers the very best grass-fed beef available on the market. 

Having our beef dry aged is a vital part of increasing the tenderness of our extremely lean meat and enhancing its incomparable flavor.  Since our grass fed meat is naturally lean, just follow our simple grass fed beef and steak recipes until you get used to cooking with lean beef.

Mark Whisnant &
Dr. Patricia Whisnant
Grass Farmers & Veterinarian
Whisnant Family Grass Farm
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